I am a researcher in Software Engineering. My current research interests are in Requirements Engineering and Agile Methods. I also work with Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and Experimental Software Engineering.

Some research topics I am interested:

  • Requirements representation;
  • Transformation of requirements models;
  • Requirements Engineering and agile methods; and
  • Use of agile methods.

I can advise master degree students in Computer Engineering under the program of Electrical Engineering at Escola Politécnica da USP (PPGEE). The course is free and it is possible to apply for a scholarship. The selection process for the course is twice a year: in May/June (to start the course in September) and in October/November (to start the course in January).

If you want to apply to a master degree with me, contact me before the selection process. Please inform:

  • Your research interest and your experience in the subject;
  • If you want to be a full time student or partial time (working in a company and studying);
  • Your curriculum lattes; and
  • Your academic record (histórico escolar).